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The Cody Sisters Band
Their music falls from the clouds like a soft warm rain and in an instant thunders down like a Colorado storm. Audiences are left emotional, inspired, and exhilarated all at the same time. The soft sister harmonies remind the crowd of a simpler, slower time. As the show builds, the award winning sound of their guitars, mandolins, banjos, and bass will fill the hall such that the audience is swimming in roaring river of perfect sound. These are just three musicians, but their almost entirely acoustic sound is the feeling of a full orchestra. Seeing the Cody Sisters Band is an experience. These young women and their bass player fuse so many different influences, it’s often difficult to define them. The Cody Sisters experience blends Old Time, Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Jazz, Folk, and Modern Bluegrass together in a completely unique sound that stays with the audiences for weeks to come. Their original songs and sound always leaves a lasting impression. Not simply a family band by any stretch of the imagination. Any bio of the Cody Sisters would be remiss if their chief roadie ‘Heather’ wasn’t mentioned. While not on stage, her influence provides the perfect grounding for this unique sound.

 Individual BIOS

Megan Cody
(Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin)
Her entire life has been spent with a guitar or a mandolin in her hand and a microphone at her lips. With her celebrated and award winning guitar playing, she has drawn attention of many, including Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. Rarely can Megan be found without a stringed instrument in her hand mastering the work of her musical inspirations and inventing new and exciting sounds that have made her known as a musician. Proving it with her win of first place at the New Mexico Flatpicking competition for 2016, it’s rare to find such in the world, but when you do, you hold on to it. Talents like Megan Cody do not come by very often. People often compare her to a young Courtney Hartman or Molly Tuttle. You’ll fall in love with her wit and music.
Maddie Cody
(Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin)
The only place more comfortable then the stage for Maddie is curled up on the couch with a pencil and a pad of paper to record her lyrics, poetry, and stories. At a very young age, she found that she could add color and flavor to her art by putting them to song with the soft roll of a banjo, the rich tone of a guitar, or the fast melodic beat of the mandolin. She’ll tell you that she can’t remember when she couldn’t play an instrument, and her lightening fast fingers will prove it. Crowds are woo’d by her sweet innocence and fresh look on life and music. Like a young Loretta Lynn or Hazel Dickens, Maddie is one of the forces of this band.
Steve Cody
(Bass, Songwriter)
From his early days of piano lessons with Mr. Kolhaus so many years ago, Steve has always known that music would be a large part of his life. In his day, he’s played the piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, great highland bagpipes, penny whistle and of course, upright bass fiddle. When the Cody Sisters project around, it was only natural that he would focus on the upright for the rest of this life. “All I wanted to do was play music with my kids. As an upright bass player, it’s often difficult to find an avenue that provides the appropriate challenge in my musical realm. I didn’t expect this amazing…. thing… to happen. The girls took to it in a way that was almost intoxicating to watch. It seemed like every year they were producing new and interesting things to listen to. I just buckled up and went along for the ride. Really, all I wanted to do was play music with my kids after dinner or on the weekends. I got lucky in a way that I couldn’t imagine.”

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About the Show

The act is a multi-level show with a good mixture of fast flashy tunes and slow, pretty ballad like songs. There are a few instrumental only songs, but most of the songs use vocals which feature sister harmonies. The show has a good mix of covers that everybody knows with Cody Sisters Band originals that our fans typically know. The cover tunes, while popular and recognizable, are always an original take (see the Cody Sister’s videos above).

The Cody Sisters headline show (with no openers) generally lasts two 45-50 minute sets with a few encores at the end. If there is an opening act, the Cody Sisters do anywhere from 1:15 to 1:30. The show can be tailored to just about any time frame. The stage plot to the right is basically what we need. We have some additional electronic equipment that may need to be plugged in, but this generally does it.

EP “Strings”

In this, their debut album, the Cody Sisters sing with honesty and innocence. This particular album is about the slower side of life with songs that illustrate fun, family, love and life. Purely acoustic, this album will touch your heart.

Inspirations and Influences

We stand on the shoulders of Giants. In absolutely no specific order, please see this list of artists that have shaped the sound that the Cody Sisters have produced. These are the slightly less well known in the ‘popular’ world, but they are some of the greatest artists in the world.

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Please come to one of our shows and introduce yourself to us! We love meeting new folks and making new friends.